Randy Hain offers a resolution that all Catholic Men of faith should embrace:

One of the most famous Christmas quotes of all time is this one from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” Reflecting on this quote has made me think about resolutions a little differently for 2013.  I would like you to join me in a different kind of commitment for the New Year. With apologies to the late Mr. Dickens…“I will honor Christ in my heart and try to be authentically Catholic all the year.”  This is the kind of commitment that will cost us something for sure, but the reward is great.  In the coming year let’s make every effort to acknowledge Christ before others and defend (as well as follow!) in a loving way the teachings of His Church.  Let us refuse to be silent and passive.  The instinctive response to this challenge may be “it’s not that easy.”  Actually, it is that easy if we choose to think and act differently and place His will before our own.

See Randy’s quick “test” of what it means to keep this resolution.