Jesus Christ – The Divine Evangelist

Satanspel – The Devil’s Story At Eden, Satan seduces Man with the false story (from the Old English “spel”) that humans can have “all knowledge” and “become like gods” (Gen 3:5).  The turning away from God and His Truth to the devil’s false story, the Satanspel, is the fall of Man into Original Sin. The […]

Jesus Christ – Divine King

Modern Man’s Aversion to Kings and Kingdoms The word “monarchy” comes from the Latin, monarchia, meaning, “absolute rule, the ruling of one.”  Monarchies, a form of human government, are ruled by a king (or queen) and have been around since early human history.  Much of Western civilization has its roots in monarchies.  Today, while about […]

Some Reasons for “Showing up”

Here are some reasons to make sure to make this month’s ManNight: Many men have drifted away from their Catholic faith.  They try to make their way in the increasingly confused culture.  Jesus Christ is calling you, and all men, back to Him. The growing cultural darkness has had a particularly sad impact on young men.  They are […]