Jesus Christ – Person of the Trinity

Scientism, Selfishness and Death Modern Man worships Scientism.  Scientism is an idolatrous belief that only that which can be scientifically measured can be trusted.  Scientism rejects the Divine and reduces Man to molecules.  Rejecting the Divine, Man becomes obsessively Selfish, pursuing rampant materialism and living to feed the passions.  Embracing selfishness, Man lives a walking […]

The Paradox of Christmas

A paradox is defined as “something that is contrary to expectations, incredible.”  During Christmastime, the amazing paradox of Jesus Christ fills us with awe when we consider the Incarnation.  That an all-powerful God might stoop to be born as a little child is almost beyond our comprehension.  But Jesus offers this paradox to us so […]

Ever wonder why Jesus was born in Bethlehem? Here’s why.

To grow in faith, Man must grow in awe of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Every thing that Jesus does is “awesome”; if we don’t realize the awesomeness of Jesus in some detail of the Incarnation, we are missing something.  Each event in Christ’s life can be meditated upon; and each yields great insight […]

Christmas Mysteries of Jesus Christ

A great blessing of the Catholic Church is our reverence for Mystery.  The word “mystery comes from the Latin word, mysterium meaning, “secret rite, secret worship; a secret thing,”  The Church teaches that Christ’s whole life is a mystery, while filled with many things that we can understand, there are many things that we can not understand […]