The Advent of Jesus Christ

“Christ-miss” in the Modern World While the feast of “Christ’s-Mass” dates back to at least the 2nd Century, much of the modern world has lost sight of the mysterious and wonderful Advent of Christ.  For many Christians, rather than renewal in Christ, Christmas is perhaps better described as “Christ-miss”.  “Christ-miss” is celebrated with rampant consumerism, […]

The Astounding Call of John, Andrew and Peter

In today’s Gospel (John 1:35-42), Jesus calls His first three disciples.  And it is an astounding event. What would cause three men to be so impressed that they would  leave their lives behind and follow some Rabbi they just met? What is going on here?:

Lamb of God???

Today’s reading from the Gospel of John is remarkable (John 1:29-34), packed with powerful ideas that amplify the awesome nature of Jesus Christ. In just 5 verses, John the Baptist reveals a powerful summary of the whole Gospel.  And he does it in a way that is mysterious and prophetic.