Jesus Christ – Divine Savior

Man’s Desperate Need for Salvation At Eden, Man chose to abuse his freedom, distrusting God and seeking to “be like God” (cf. Gen 3:5).  “By refusing God’s plan of love, [Man] deceived himself and become a slave to Sin…. human history attests the wretchedness and oppression born of the human heart in consequence of the […]

Finding Serenity in Desperate Times

Monsignor Charles Pope offers another of his outstanding posts. This one is on finding comfort in God.  An excerpt: “If we can remember that God is tender, tried and true, triumphant and trustworthy, we can be well assured that greater serenity will be ours. This serenity is crucial for us who would fight the battles […]

2013 is the Year of Our Lord. Of course, every year is!

With all the goings on in the world, it is sometimes easy to be discouraged.  Don’t be.  Jesus Christ is Lord! Anthony Lilles offers a meditation on how to welcome this new year with praise: What is the reason for this hope?   The loving presence of Christ who stands with us and whose word […]