The Advent of Jesus Christ

“Christ-miss” in the Modern World While the feast of “Christ’s-Mass” dates back to at least the 2nd Century, much of the modern world has lost sight of the mysterious and wonderful Advent of Christ.  For many Christians, rather than renewal in Christ, Christmas is perhaps better described as “Christ-miss”.  “Christ-miss” is celebrated with rampant consumerism, […]

The Paradox of Christmas

A paradox is defined as “something that is contrary to expectations, incredible.”  During Christmastime, the amazing paradox of Jesus Christ fills us with awe when we consider the Incarnation.  That an all-powerful God might stoop to be born as a little child is almost beyond our comprehension.  But Jesus offers this paradox to us so […]

Christmas Mysteries of Jesus Christ

A great blessing of the Catholic Church is our reverence for Mystery.  The word “mystery comes from the Latin word, mysterium meaning, “secret rite, secret worship; a secret thing,”  The Church teaches that Christ’s whole life is a mystery, while filled with many things that we can understand, there are many things that we can not understand […]

The Gifts of the Savior

Preserved by the Church in the Divine Wisdom of the Liturgy, the Christmas Midnight Mass offers a beautiful reflection on the gifts of that the Savior brings to each of us. Monsignor Charles Pope offers his beautiful reflections on the gifts of Christ the Savior.