Question: Why did the Heavens open up at Jesus’ Baptism?

Father Ryan Erlenbush offers three reasons why the heavens open up at Jesus’ Baptism: If, then, our Lord was always perfect in grace and did not grow into closer union with God but was always in perfect union with the divinity, and if the heavens were always opened to our Savior; why, then, did the […]

Question: Did Jesus grow in Grace?

When Jesus was baptized, the heavens opened up and the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove (Luke 3:15-16, 21-22). Question:  Did Jesus grow in Grace as a result of His Baptism?

Ever wonder why Jesus agreed to be Baptized?

Short answer:  To inaugurate His mission to take on the sins of the world by identifying with all sinners and their sins. What is amazing about this? There is a preconceived plan for the Incarnation; Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit have developed a plan to deal with our sins. The Baptism was something […]