The Advent of Jesus Christ

“Christ-miss” in the Modern World While the feast of “Christ’s-Mass” dates back to at least the 2nd Century, much of the modern world has lost sight of the mysterious and wonderful Advent of Christ.  For many Christians, rather than renewal in Christ, Christmas is perhaps better described as “Christ-miss”.  “Christ-miss” is celebrated with rampant consumerism, […]

How Jesus Impresses the Hard-to-impress Nathaniel

In today’s Gospel (John 1:43-51) Jesus Christ awes the very hard to impress Nathaniel.  But do you know the real reason why Nathaniel is so impressed?  It is not as obvious as you might first think.

Are you smarter than a 12-year old? Not this one, you’re not!

In today’s Gospel from the Holy Mass (Luke 2:41-52) Mary and Joseph find Jesus in the Temple. Here is a striking passage (one of many in this reading): “they found Him in the Temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions and all who heard Him were amazed by His understanding […]

What makes Mary and Joseph “marvel”? Simeon says…

Today’s Mass reading describes when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple to “present Him to the Lord” (Luke 2:22-35).  While Mary and Joseph certainly “marveled” (i.e. “to be filled with wonder”) over many things during their lives with Jesus, today’s reading describes the only use of the word “marvel” in the Gospels associated […]

The Impressive St. John – Impressed by Jesus

One way to realize the greatness of a person is to observe the impressiveness of his followers. Impressive people follow people who are more impressive than themselves.  A disciple is not greater than his master (Matt 10:24). If the impressiveness of St. John is realized, then one can realize just how impressive Our Lord Jesus […]