Think about this picture for a moment.  Imagine that you are lost a the dark forest as night descends.  All the trees are shadows and look alike, cold and offering no comfort.  But in the darkness, you see a light, a light that beckons, offering protection and comfort.   You’d welcome and go to the light.

Or would you?

It is fashionable among “post-Christian” pluralists (those who think all religions hold the same truth) to attempt to slyly denigrate Jesus Christ by false praise: “Sure, Jesus was a good prophet, a holy man, an excellent teacher…”

When a pluralist gives this faint praise, what they are really saying is this:  “Jesus is not particularly special; he’s just another prophet…and he is not God.”

Once I was speaking with a sophisticated and very rich woman who proudly told me, “I am a Post-Christian”.  At that point, I had never heard that term before, so I just nodded, seeking to be respectful.  Since then it has occurred to me when some proudly states they are “Post-Christian”, my knowing response will be “Oh, you mean, “Pre-Hell”?”

It is a sad and pathetic thing to say that one is “Post-Christian”, for what underlies the statement is a profound and totally unjustified arrogance (no one who says such a thing has ever taken the time to really meet Jesus and diligently seek His counsel) and a life-ending ignorance.  Those who knowingly and proudly reject Jesus Christ will get their wish in the world to come.

Some pluralists, afraid or unable to make a “call” on what is Truth, try to avoid conflict by giving faint praise, often with a smug arrogance that suggests that they have some kind of superior viewpoint that allows them to evaluate all religions and decree them all to be equal/the same.  A pluralist’s pronouncement is breathtakingly insulting to all religions.

Ironically, there is no such thing as a pluralist (despite their claims), for even pluralists have the view that only they are right (Hey, all religions are the same…that’s my truth…and if you don’t believe that, you are wrong).

Pluralists are wrong, for not all prophets are equal and not all religions are the same or reveal the full Truth.   Jesus is not a pluralist for He reveals that “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me”(John 14:6).

Jesus is not a pluralist, He is an “exlusivist”, the One who claims to be the Only Son of God and the only One who can lead to God.  There is no other way to God, except through Jesus Christ.

There is an old saying, that one who is confused “can’t see the forest for the trees.”  Returning to the picture above, it might be said that in the confused mind of a pluralist, they “can’t see the light for the trees.”

Pray that each of us might come to know the Light of Christ and be given the Holy Spirit that we might proclaim the truth to the world.  Especially to pluralists.