The AwedbyJesusChrist logo was designed with a sense of awe of the Holy Trinity,  Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary and the Church founded on the Apostles.

The Name “Awed by Jesus Christ”

In the face of apathy and casualness towards Jesus Christ, the name Awed by Jesus Christ was chosen to reflect the intellectual and emotional reaction to a true encounter with Christ.  Meeting the God of the Universe leaves the person in a sense of profound awe.  The word awe comes from the Greek, akhos meaning ‘pain, grief’ and ‘dread mixed with veneration’.  The word awesome means ‘profoundly reverential’.  Words related to awesome include: amaze (‘overwhelming wonder’ and ‘mental stupefaction’); astound (‘to stun’);  astonish (from the Latin, tonare meaning ‘to thunder’ and ‘thunderstruck’);  marvel (from the Latin, mirabilia, meaning (‘strange and wonderful things’); and worship (‘Adoration and honor given to God’ – CCC 2096, 2097).

The overall shape of the logo

As Jesus Christ is the Divine King of the Eternal Kingdom of God, the shape of the logo represents a kingly crown.

Image of Jesus Christ

The image of the Risen Jesus Christ is the most prominent aspect of the logo.  Jesus, who facial image is reminiscent of the the iconic images of Christ which trace their appearance to the Shroud of Turin (which is venerated in the Church as representative of the burial shroud of Christ).  Jesus is shown, clad in a heavenly white robe, with His arms upraised, beckoning to all people to draw closer and hear the Gospel.  He is shown as robust and manly, consistent with the powerful risen Lord Jesus Christ, a glowing halo around His head, consistent with the powerful Transfiguration imagery described in the Gospel.

The Cross

Behind Jesus is the Cross, an ever present reminder of the suffering that Jesus Christ calls each of His disciples to take up and carry as they follow Him.

The 13 Shields of the Apostles

Jesus originally picks twelve disciples and after Judas kills himself, the the 11 Apostles select Matthias to replace Judas (Acts 1:23-26).  Jesus returns to convert Saul, who becomes the “13th” apostle (Acts 9).  The 13 shields represent the 12 and Paul, with the center and highest shield representing the supremacy of Peter, the rock on which Jesus Christ builds His Church.  The blood red of the shields represent the blood of the Apostles, all of whom are martyred except for Saint John.

The Holy Spirit

Within each of the shields of the Apostles, there are 4 golden flames (4 is a biblical symbol for the world), representing the Holy Spirit who inflames the Apostles at Pentecost to set the world on fire for Christ.

The Trinity

The foundation of the logo is in white with three sections that represent the Trinity, the Source and foundation of Creation.

The Church

The Golden banner directly above the Trinity represents the Church founded on the Rock of Peter that preserves the Truth of Christ in Tradition, Scripture and the Magisterium.

Mary, the Ark of the Covenant

Mary is the theotokos, the Mother of God, who after being born without the stain of Original Sin (the Immaculate Conception) is overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, becoming the New Ark of the Covenant.  In the logo, the words “Awed by Jesus Christ” is surrounded in blue, representing Our Blessed Mother Mary.

Style of Logo Art

The style of the logo is reminiscent of Art Deco movement, linking to the realism and beauty of classical realism with the modern movements of art; the style of the logo is meant to be a strong bridge to the past, preserving the past and bringing it to modern man. This is the essence of the New Evangelization:  To bring the large numbers of baptized Christians who have lost a living sense of the faith; to evangelize modern Man, drawing all to a personal relation of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church.


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